backdoor snart o

  floydking 08:10 12 Mar 2004

Hi! Backdoor snarto has attached itself to my C:\windows\system32\msprotect.exe file and is therefore undeletable. Howmuch trouble is this likely to cause? What should I do? Help!

  temp003 08:54 12 Mar 2004

It's not a Windows file. It's a virus/spyware file itself. You can delete it.

If you have tried to delete it but you can't, try opening Task Manager, then under the processes tab, see if you can find msprotect.exe. If so, highlight it, then click End Process. Confirm stopping the process.

Then try to delete the file again.

Also, click Start, Run, type msconfig and press Enter.

Select the startup tab. If you find any reference under the Command column (you may have to expand the column to see the full path) to c:\windows\system32\msprotect.exe. If you can find such a reference, untick the box and click OK.

  Sethhaniel 09:04 12 Mar 2004

Startup Programs and Executables Listing (DIRECT links)
Startup Programs and Executables Listing. This list is derived from one of the most comprehensive lists I have found on the internet, courtesy of pacman's portal.
click here

  floydking 09:14 12 Mar 2004

Thanks a million, this has had me up all night!!! Don't you just know the feeling! I' do everything you say.

  floydking 11:41 12 Mar 2004

Thanks to both of you! Temp003s last solution
worked a treat. I followed these instructions and then ran AVG anti virus again which was not only able to warn me about it this time, but it removed it. Should have come earlier.zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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