Back up software advice please

  bumpkin 21:06 26 Dec 2011

Hello everyone, can you advise on good back up software please. Free ideally but does not have to be. I have been using Acronis, paid for program, but I find it does not suit me, requires a 64 digit password to start with which is ridiculous as I only need 4 digits to draw from a cash machine or 5 to access my bank accounts. It seems to make things more complicated than needed. I find it hard to use and work properly. Just want something simple. Used XX Clone in the past but it has limitations but it is easy. Any suggestions please.


  rdave13 21:31 26 Dec 2011

Have a look here- Paragon backup 2012 though you'll need to read the help files, so I don't know if it will be easy for you having used Acronis.

Puzzled Acronis asks for a 64 digit password though? It could be how you set it up?

  bumpkin 22:22 26 Dec 2011

Thanks rdave13, Aronis requires a 64 digit code to set it up as you correctly say. I have entered this and have it working but do not not find it user friendly. Probably me as it has good write ups. I will try your link, thanks.


  rdave13 22:45 26 Dec 2011

bumpkin, be careful with these backup programs. I think you would be wise to uninstall Acronis, fully, before trying Paragon. They do conflict. Please wait until someone who is proficient using Acronis can advise either how to use the software or/and how to uninstall it fully.

  bumpkin 23:27 26 Dec 2011

Thanks again, I am now running the paragon back up, was unaware of a conflict with acronis, still wants 10 hrs to finish so no response tonight from me. Only about 160 Gb cant see why this should take more than a nanosecond myself :-) Ray

  rdave13 23:42 26 Dec 2011

You have something working the CPU hard. Possibly now a conflict between the two programs. Can you stop the Paragon back-up safely? Be careful again if it takes time to halt and roll back. Always have only ONE back-up software running on your system. The only trouble is that in Win 7, as it has it's own back-up feature, and if you activate it then it's part of the OS and difficult to stop.

  proudfoot 09:44 27 Dec 2011

I am puzzled where this 64 digit code is coming from to use Acronis TI. I have been using various versions for aver 15 years and never had to put in a 64 digit number to register the software after installing it on a PC. I don't use all it's bells and whistles, I just make regular backups on a monthly basis to an external hard drive. It is simplicity to use. My present copy Ver10 uses 25 digits plus 4 dashes and only is entered once to register the software.

  aravindtj 15:56 27 Dec 2011

Are you asked for 64 characters of pass phrase when configuring a backup job?

May be they are insisting high security for your data ;)

Anyway, running more than one backup application in a system will surely cause issues in your applications running in your system.

For example, if you are running SQL Server in your system and taking backup your system (either the full system clone or only the SQL Server data backup), it will affect the SQL Server backup of both the backup system. i.e., both the backup application's backup data cannot be restored in future (in case they are tacking differential/incremental backups). The reason is, SQL Server keeps the backup meta information, when backup is initiated by a backup application. In case, multiple applications try to take backup, it will mesh up this backup meta data info and none of the backup application will have the valid backup data.

Similarly, it will affect the VSS volume shadow copy service, when running multiple backup applications simultaneously/. So, consider this. -- Aravind

  bumpkin 18:50 29 Dec 2011

thanks to all for your advice, I uninstalled Acronis and used Paragon. So easy and free I think some manufactures deliberately complicate things so you think it is better.


  bumpkin 18:51 29 Dec 2011

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