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  tony-guitar 17:18 09 Aug 2011

Hi, Whats the 'easiest to use' back-up software? I would like to back up my entire hard drive (its only 160gig). It would be handy to back up on the fly, eg music and photos, but mainly to help in case of system crash. My pc is 9 yrs old, although 4 yrs ago practically everything was replaced when the power supply destroyed most components. It runs XP,IE8,SP3. Thanks, Tony

  c4rm0 17:44 09 Aug 2011

Acronis True image is very good but i use windows backup myself on Windows 7

  birdface 18:35 09 Aug 2011

Never ever used this before and not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for but it is free for the next 24 hours or so.

  john bunyan 18:53 09 Aug 2011
  Karakorum 23:24 09 Aug 2011

Try 'Easeus ToDo.' It's as good as Acronis but FREE.

They also make an excellent free Partition Manager called 'Partition Master'

One thing to mention - If you make a backup with ToDo, you can then make a ToDo Recovery disk - so that you can make a broken system boot (by Linux) - so that you can locate and point Easeus towards where you kept the recovery data that you want it to restore. Just make sure that if you upgrade the ToDo program in the meantime, that you also make a new recovery disk with the upgraded program. When I first used it I tried to recover a version 2.0 backup using a version 1 Recovery Disk and it didn't work. It wasn't till I had laboriously reinstalled the whole of Windows Vista from scratch that I later cottoned on to WHY it hadn't worked.

You can use it for Windows as well as any other partition you keep your files on, though personally I only use it for the Windows system on drive C:

My other files on drive D: I backup by using the free 'Karen's Replicator'.

No particular reason, just that I've used it for years and like it.

N.B. You can reduce the size of your Windows drive backup quite a bit if you first delete any System Restore points and also set the 'Paging File' (virtual memory) size to zero.

Just type a reminder note on the description part of the backup process so you remember to switch them on again after you have later restored the backup.

  tony-guitar 23:36 09 Aug 2011

Thanks guys for all your assistance. I do have a copy of Acronis somewhere, but i just can't find it.Its a couple of years old now. I checked it out on Amazon, and some people are having grief with it.

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