back up to second hard drive again

  Newuser2533 00:29 03 Aug 2003

Although I received a very fast response from my previous request on this subject, which I thank jim for, I was blown apart from the write up on the pcworld site.
Norton Ghost 2003 was said to be dificult for beginers like myself, it had very little support and the writer would only recomend it for "PC pros".
Knowing that I'm not computer literate, would anyone support the sentiments of the pcworld writer and if so, is there another back up utility please.
Sorry to be a pain.

  Peter 00:35 03 Aug 2003


I don't think Norton Ghost is such a beast to use, but if you want an alternative you could try Drive Image from PowerQuest.


  Forum Editor 00:45 03 Aug 2003

the original thread, but if what you're wanting to copy files and/or folders from one drive (master) to another (slave) you can do it easily enough in Windows Explorer.

Just drag and drop the files and/or folders from one drive to another, but before you start make sure you have enabled the option to 'show hidden files and folders' in Tools/folder options/view from the menu in any folder. Click the option to apply this rule to all folders and away you go.

Many people aren't aware that you can do this in Windows Explorer, and that (unlike other copying facilities) this method will allow you to copy Windows system files - even though they may be in use at the time.

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