back up registry with OEM XP

  mermaid25 18:25 04 Sep 2005

I need to back up the registry before I follow some instructions from Symantec, but I don't have a CD to get back up from...
I only have the recovery CD fron Dell.
Can anyone tell me how to do this.
Many thanks:0)

  mermaid25 18:55 04 Sep 2005

thanks, I already followed the links, I want to back up the whole registry because I'm a bit nervous about messing things about and in the microsoft article it says you need the CD... or maybe i read it wrong. :0)

  mermaid25 19:04 04 Sep 2005

Thanks, will do that.
what would us novices do without people like you :0)

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 19:05 04 Sep 2005

click start then run type in regedit click on file then export give the file a name then save make a note of where you have saved it to and you have a copy of your registry

  GaT7 19:05 04 Sep 2005

Set a restore point before you follow Symantec's instructions - this will also backup the registry.

To set a restore point follow the steps here click here. G

PS - To learn more about System Restore click here.

  woodchip 19:05 04 Sep 2005

The best thing you can do before you do anything else, is Backup all you work. that means E-Mail Doc's Pictures etc. then proceed as above

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