Back up programs

  nickyjane 15:35 06 Apr 2008

Hi Guys, I need a step by step guide on how to copy my internet favorite sites to a disk. My pc is playing up and I dont want to lose them all. OS is XP Home.


  csqwared 15:55 06 Apr 2008

Think it might depend on which browser you are using. In Firefox, if you go to :-

Bookmarks/Organise bookmarks/File there is an option there "Export" which will export to your chosen disc.

  csqwared 16:00 06 Apr 2008

Further to that just had a quick look at how IE explorer works and all you need to do there is open IE - click on "File" select "Import and Export" and a wizaed will open. Just select "Next" select "Export favorites" and follow it from there.

  nickyjane 16:36 06 Apr 2008


Thanks for your help, got it sorted.


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