Back-up program to allow back-up across a network

  whitehall 09:34 28 Jul 2005

I have two simple computers, simply networked and need to use the second computer as a back-up.
I would like to be able to run a program that will copy all relevant personal folders from my "work" machine to the second networked machine.
I would need these files to be readily accessible, not compressed, should I switch machines and work from the second computer, I need to see the same personal files and folders as I would on my work machine.
I have tried SyncQuick, but this doesn't show any drives on the second, networked computer.
Many thanks for any guidance.

  mgmcc 12:12 29 Jul 2005

I use Windows "Briefcases" to keep a second PC and a laptop sync'd with the main PC.

Create a new Briefcase in your "client" PC and drag the folders you want to keep sync'd from the "host" PC over the network into the Briefcase. (I found this to be more reliable than copying the files into a Briefcase in the "host" and then dragging the Briefcase itself across.)

You can then work in the "client" PC directly from the copies in the Briefcase. As long as you don't amend the *same* file in *both* PCs between synchronisations, it should work OK.

I would recommend putting *folders* into the Briefcase rather than just files so that, in the "client" PC, you can add a file to the folder and the *folder* will sync with the "host" and update it. A new file added directly to the Briefcase in the "client" PC won't sync with the "host", but if in a sync'd folder it will.

  whitehall 14:12 29 Jul 2005

Very many thanks mgmcc, your explaination is very helpful and easy to follow, it is the way I shall use.

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