Back Up Problems

  [DELETED] 11:38 17 Feb 2006

I've recently installed the Genie Backup V4 from a recent magazine, but am encountering problems backing up to DVD.

I keep receiving the following error message:

"Not enough space to perform the backup on the selected media."

This cannot be the case as the DVD is 4.7GB, and I have even tried just to back up a small amount of data from the "My Documents" folder, but still get the same message. Also the only drive option listed in the relevant dropdown menu is the E Drive - I would have expected the D Drive to be listed also?

I have been onto the Genie Knowledge base, but that doesn't help, and have also tried to backup a small amount of data to CD, but still get the same message.

Anybody got any tips on how to best perform a backup to DVD, or point out where I may be going wrong? - I'm not a techy, so it needs to be nice and simple!!


Any help greatly appreciated

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