Back Up Problem, Help Appreciated

  tobyjug472002 14:27 27 Sep 2007

Hi there people, ive got a 250 GB Internal Hard Drive plus a 350 GB External Drive.
I was prompted to do a system back-up, and this i did, unfortunately i backed my OS up onto my External Drive, i thought it made sense rather than using hald a dozen CD's. However I must of hand a dreaded Lurgy (trojan Horse) when idid the back-up and am unable to delete the back up as it plugs into my USB Port, and i think it was the wrong thing to do now as to access my external drive it needs to be plugged into my Tower, and since its my whole OS, Windows wont allow me to delete the back-up, just as you cannot delete your operating systems itself, as the Pc needs this to run obviously. Any wizard can help me delete this back up, all suggestions kindly was a foolish thing to do i should have backed it all up to CD's or DVD's even, any ideas please?

  brundle 15:38 27 Sep 2007

Not all that clear what you mean - has an antivirus program detected something in the backup file? Did you use Windows Backup and create a single .bkf file using that?

  Pamy 15:51 27 Sep 2007

You have only done a "backup" onto another extenal drive. You still have the original on your 250 Gb drive ?

  tobyjug472002 12:01 28 Sep 2007

Hi thanks for your help, my avg Antivirus detected a virus in the back-up file on my external HD. I used Windows one care to make the back-up of my operating system (XP) My Original pre-installed OS is still up and running ok, i just wanted to delete the back-up, but even using Windows One Care it wont let me delete or restore the Backup because its already running my if i wanted to completely format my external drive i cant because it would in essence be trying to uninstall windows, which you cannot do without a OS disc...ive even tried it in safe mode (F8)
Its got me totally baffled.


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