'Back' in a pop up

  barryoneoff.co.uk 23:26 10 Feb 2005

I have a small form that opens in a javascript pop up. There is no toolbar (my choice), is there anyway I can add a 'back' button to a php response when the form is filled wrong?

There are only three fields on the form. At the moment I just tell them to open a new window if they muck up.

  Taran 10:51 11 Feb 2005

I prefer user sessions for this, somtimes combined with cookies, which temporarily store the form input data and allow you to ccall it over multiple pages and are set to self destruct after the form has been submitted.

You can do it other ways; passing the form variables from one to another form page via hidden form fields or by populating a database with the form submission and calling it back in the event of an error in your form data, identified by a thorough form handler script.

This is complex to get into, so don't expect a line or two of code to solve the issue.

Try this link from the excellent Zend site to give you an idea of one method: click here

Frankly, for only three form fields this and user sessions could be vastly overgunning things. It's workable though.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 12:55 11 Feb 2005

but as you say, for three fields, a bit OTT. It's only really to save them having to start again if they omit their email or name really. Just thought there may be an easy 'click to go back' option.

Cheers, Whiz....

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