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  john-232317 07:58 10 Apr 2005

Just noticed there are 10 back pages, they go back only 4 days and there are 33 unticked questions.

I wonder how many people get left behind with no answer, but also how many get an answer and dont tick.

I know its hard to keep a long list of pages, but under 4 days seems a little short on time.

Perhaps its just cos this is such a popular site ?

  johnnyrocker 08:00 10 Apr 2005

and getting more popular by the day or is the equipment becoming more unreliable?


  octal 08:11 10 Apr 2005

I've been bumping a few of the unanswered ones to the top because I think they are fairly easy to answer, if not by me usually by someone else, I'm up to page three at the moment.

  john-232317 08:35 10 Apr 2005

And thats only Friday evening ;-)

  pj123 12:01 10 Apr 2005

There was a plea a while ago from the FE asking if we could check "our own postings" and tick any that have been resolved. I did that over a period of time (went back 44 pages) but even now I keep finding an odd one that I have missed.

I have had a couple of my threads been left without an answer but after a few days I assume that there is no answer and tick them anyway.

Threads in Speakers Corner generally can't "be resolved" as they are more of a comment or a general discussion posting. I usually tick mine in speakers corner when they have had a good run.

  john-232317 18:00 10 Apr 2005

37 unticked on page 10 now,one not even answered, i will bump it up.

  SANTOS7 18:07 10 Apr 2005

But what percentage of those have been responded to by more than one reply but have no response from the original "poster" as to whether the problem has been resolved,if you look closer you will find an awefull lot of what i would describe as one-hit-wonders who you never hear from again.

  john-232317 21:47 10 Apr 2005

Too true...

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