Back for a monthly check up,

  User-645BA0C0-3AD6-49C9-99798FE12AD8252D 15:10 17 Nov 2003

hello folks,
since putting up my first website two months ago I have just overhauled it for the third time.
Yor opinions and criticisms were of great value to me and I would beg you to indulge me another look. I am concerned that I may have made a mistake with my choice of white text on a grey background, it used to be black and the grey was darker which I felt was making the overall effect too Dark.
I have also left the shadow switched on when when I created the buttons and am concerned that perhaps they are a little too blurry.
So I would be grateful to hear your thoughts once again. Horiz.

P.S. Taran, if I could apologise in advance, there is still some vertical scrolling involved, Iswear that when I did my mental arithmetic of the image sizes it was all going to fit but then I never was too good at maths.

click here

its amazing that I get any traffic at all considering I always forget to give out the address.

  Lionheart ? 15:31 17 Nov 2003

I like it, small point r missing on the ProductID page (poduct ID number).

  Taran 15:32 17 Nov 2003

No, it still looks slick and clean and the font/background colour are fine.

In general I normally shout out loud in favour of a clean white background with black text in Verdana, but for specialist or niche sites an interesting UI can maike all the difference.

Your is an excellent example of a site in terms of overall layout and visuals. It's easy to navigate, the content is simple to follow and clear to all who read it.

I still like it !


  PurplePenny 17:14 17 Nov 2003

I really like the look of your site. The white text on a grey background is so easy on the eye ... and it looks *very* smart.


Thankyou all very much for the reassurance, I was'nt sure if there was enough contrast but if you can all read it OK then I'm happy,

now I'd best go fix that r.

thankyou everyone.

  Forum Editor 18:38 17 Nov 2003

but I like it even more now. It's everything that a web site should be - clean, fast, and easy on the eye.

Not much more I can say really, except well done, you've got it absolutely right, it exudes quality.

  Lionheart ? 22:19 17 Nov 2003

R you did it :), really like the site. Well done.

  slowhand_1000 23:37 17 Nov 2003

The design suits the site perfectly. 23:47 17 Nov 2003

Like it a lot.

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