Back Up / Microsoft Money Version 12

  Cara2 10:46 29 Jun 2011

I am suddenly unable to backup the above to a removeable disk.

Message states 'not enough room, please insert floppy disk' or something to that effect (I am not using floppy disks).

The file size is 1894809. Does this seem excessive?

  Pine Man 12:10 29 Jun 2011

My MS Money backup is 13656 and contains about 15years of data.

Yours certainly looks extremely large but I have no idea why, I'm sorry

  gel 07:12 30 Jun 2011

I do not know if this helps I have MS Money 2002 It is loaded onto a memory stick so that I can access it on each of my computers I have been using Money 2002 since 2002 Each week I back up to a hard drive on my desk top gel

  Ian in Northampton 08:47 30 Jun 2011

Like other posters, I can't help, except to tell you I use Money 97 - yay! - which now has 14 years worth of data, and my file size is 2,756KB. I assume the number you quote is 1,894kb, so the file size doesn't seem particularly large. Have you tried changing your settings so that it will try to back up to a different location - see if that helps?

  Pine Man 09:52 30 Jun 2011

Don't forget you can compress the file when you back it up.

  Ian in Northampton 11:44 30 Jun 2011

I'm wondering if it's a disk issue rather than a Money issue - hence my suggestion. Cara2: are you able to write other files to the disk in question?

  Cara2 15:52 30 Jun 2011

Thanks for your replies.

I have tried all options to backup including compressing file size but to no avail. It requires about 2163507 bytes (2 floppy disks, but as I have said I am not using floppy disks).

I am using a 32 gb flash drive with plenty of unused space.

I am able to backup other programs, for instance Sage, with no problem.

Think I am stuck with this problem. If so I would have to start all over again, which would be awful as I have so much important stuff.

For some reason, I do no seem to be able to locate an earlier backup either.

  gel 16:07 30 Jun 2011

Hello Don't dative up The same happened to me sometime ago Try this Go to money click tools click options click back up click save in and that should tell you where you are savings the back up when you close money normally it is in documents

Then to back up

tick automatically back up it says to floppy FORGET FLOPPY insert a memory stick then browse to save to this stick YOU THEN HAVE A BACK UP !!!! HOPEFULLY

also try click on file lh corner and see if that tells you where you are saving to

Best wishes

I know the feeling


  gel 16:20 30 Jun 2011

I am no expert by the way so it may be that my suggestions could be helped by those who know better But try this to find where you are backed up to In search try *.mfb
But be patient it takes some time gel

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