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back up for home dvds

  nobbyhigo 12:31 03 Mar 2011

so i have put all my vhs onto a dvd they have been finalised to run on pc/dvd recorder and no problem there . Just i would like to make a couple more copies just in case What is the easiest way to burn a a exact copy tried with burnaware but couldnt figure how to do it . I know .Can someone walk me through it and what burner to use thanks

  northumbria61 12:50 03 Mar 2011

To make an exact copy - under "Disc Images" select "Make CD Image" - see instructions here click here

  robin_x 13:47 03 Mar 2011

Also see ImgBurn

click here;1

Create image from Disc/Write image to disc.

Home DVDs may be irreplaceable and even a second copy of a DVD may not be enough for 10-20 yrs, say.

Keep a copy on your HDD if you have space.

  nobbyhigo 13:48 03 Mar 2011

do i have to download dvd files onto pc first

  lotvic 14:53 03 Mar 2011

I use CDBurnerXP - despite it's name it works on W7 and does DVD, BluRay etc. It is a completely free program click here
Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008/Win7 (x86 / x64)

If you just wanted one copy then you could click on 'Copy or grab disc'

If you want to burn more then I would make an ISO image of your DVD, save it to your pc and then burn the image to as many DVD's as you want.

There are good tutorials on website, it is easy to use.

  northumbria61 20:02 03 Mar 2011

nobbyhigo - as per Bapou I use Ashampoo turning Studio (I have 2011 version) but as you specifically asked about "Burnaware" I gave you an answer for that.

Ashampoo products are excellent and very easy to use - I have several different ones and they just work. I have no hesitation in recommending Ashampoo Burning Studio.

The link you have been given above (Bapou) gives you the FREE version but you will be offered an upgrade at some stage by Ashampoo - at a reduced price.

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