back up hard drive corrupted and unreadable

  dickie1234 22:54 10 Jan 2013

i have a pc running xp pro which had two 160gb hard drives on it one as master (c) and one as slave (f) For a week or so windows was displaying a blue screen warning message everyday on boot up "one of your drives needs to be checked for consistency" this was the c drive so finally i let it do its check and it took around two hours and gave errors about orphaned files and failed security licenses or some bumf which made the drive inaccessible afterwards so i had to format it and reinstall windows. So in the meantime and before the check I transferred all of my important files onto the f drive. Now comes the problem. I reinstalled windows onto drive c but when i reconnected the back up drive which was working fine as slave before the check, windows is now saying the drive is corrupt and unreadable. I know that there are 156gb of files on there that cannot be replaced has anyone got any ideas how to get them off as i don't want to format the drive and lose everything on there and cant see how this drive has been affected by checking the other one

  chub_tor 08:48 11 Jan 2013

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  chub_tor 08:57 11 Jan 2013

Have you tried running chkdsk /f to check your disk and fix any errors?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:59 11 Jan 2013

Sounds like a Medion PC, are you sure the drives are EIDE (you mention master and slave) rather than SATA?

  dickie1234 17:50 11 Jan 2013

to chub_tor it was chkdsk that caused all the problems with the c drive in the first place so after taking the files i wanted off the c drive i put them onto the f drive and ran chkdsk on the c drive which made a pigs ear of it and i had to format and reinstall windows now windows is reporting the f drive is corrupt and unreadable and i cant even access it to fruit bat yes they are eide and not sata its an old e machines pentium 4 (i know)but its the data i want to access and the damn thing is saying corrupt and inaccessible and will not even let me get into it with active boot disk tools

  chub_tor 19:08 11 Jan 2013

If you have already run chkdsk then you might want to take a look at this link from TRC and maybe try their free recovery software

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:21 11 Jan 2013
  dickie1234 02:23 14 Jan 2013

sorry for the delay but I've been busy with other stuff I've looked on the TRC site chub_tor and I've downloaded the app from the test disk site fruit bat and they both look promising i will give both a try and see if i get any joy thank you both for helping. keep an eye on this thread I'll let you know if i retrieve anything back off the drive

  dickie1234 02:26 14 Jan 2013

i forgot to mention that i went out and bought a new 500gb hard drive on Saturday 12th Jan but i really do need to get the data back off this drive if its possible

  finerty 05:01 14 Jan 2013

had similar problem, however my problems i had to change my ram memory.

Initially i used acronis but wouldn't allow me to clone disk or wipe the disc. Only when i bought new ram, i managed reinstall windows

  dickie1234 08:36 19 Jan 2013

Well guys i tried everything i could but Ive finished up having to bite the bullet and format the hard drive (which has formatted perfect with no bad sectors???). No matter which app i used i couldn't retrieve any of the files. The test disk found the partition OK fruit bat but it said the hard drive was reporting the wrong amount of cylinders or something and i couldn't copy the files to another location (my new hard drive) and even though i could see the partition in other rescue programs like undelete i couldn't copy it to a different location. Thanks again for all your help but it just goes to show even when you back up onto a different hard drive you can sometimes lose your files anyway. Something corrupted the MBR sector of the drive or something like that cos the files were on there i just couldn't read them I'll have to put this down to experience. Thanks again to everyone who helped

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