Back up game cd`s

  struggle8 17:03 03 Dec 2003

I use to use nero 5.5 to back up all my game as the rug rats have a habit of distruction I have changed to nero 6 all the layout has changed and I have not got a clue can some one help me give me the right direction to do this
and no before anyone ask I know about copy write and pirating cd but they are mine and its for back up only

  smegs 17:11 03 Dec 2003

Goto Nero Express. Click "Copy Entire Disk".

  kinger 17:13 03 Dec 2003

Go into Nero Burning ROM

Select CD ROM wizard.

Click NEW

Go to menu 'Recorder'

Click 'Copy disc'

Fill in form. Ie speed, Drive etc.

Click 'Burn'

Follow on-screen prompts for when to put in blank disc.

Wait until it says 'Completed...' and you're done.


  struggle8 17:24 03 Dec 2003

tryed copy entire disc no good
the way i use to do it on nreo 5.5 was
To backup your game, proceed as follows:

1. Start Nero.
2. Insert the Playstation CD in your recorder.
3. Choose the menu command File->CD Copy.
4. Select the page Copy Options and uncheck the on the fly option.
5. Select your CD recorder as input device and choose (for safety considerations) 1x as read speed.
6. Open the page Read Options and select (if these options are available for your recorder):
"Read media catalog number and ISRC", "Continue copying", "Data Mode 1": "Force Raw reading" "Write uncorrected", "Data Mode 2": 'Force Raw reading" "Write uncorrected", "Read audio with subchannel", "Ignore read errors" and uncheck "Jitter correction".
7. Open the Image page and choose a harddisk drive with at least 700MB of free disk space.
8. Select the page Burn and choose (for safety considerations) 1x as write speed.
9. Click the Burn button

I have used Nero for a couple of years now and find the software very easy to use. Users have the option of letting wizards walk you through the process or to select options from the drop-down menus. Either way, you'll be burning cds and making fewer coasters in no time.

If you are interested in backing up your games, I would definitely look at NERO as your software solution. It's cheap and easy to use and will result in fewer misburns.
but i now use nero the whole layout has changed and some of the options are not ther any more

  struggle8 17:25 03 Dec 2003

oh forget the bottom two paragraphs

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