back & forward buttons greyed out in explorer

  Emperor Penguin 12:23 19 Sep 2004

since installing nvidia graphics card drivers for tv out i have had this problem with the back buttons in explorer being greyed out. i have tried system restore but to no avail. how can i get explorer to function properly again?

  rawprawn 13:51 19 Sep 2004

If you mean Internet Explorer try going to Control Panel/ add or remove programs/Add or remove windows component and reinstaa IE from you CD. If you mean Windows Explorer Try a system file scan Strat/run/type sfc /scannow OK.

  rawprawn 13:53 19 Sep 2004

That should read sfc /scannow. then click OK. (Note the space between sfc and /)

  Emperor Penguin 15:18 19 Sep 2004

no it's not internet explorer, it's whenever i go into my pictures or any other folders on the desktop there is no longer any option to go backwards and forwards with the backwards and forwards buttons

  Emperor Penguin 15:53 19 Sep 2004

i did a system file scan and it didn't seem to come up with anything, in fact it didn't tell me anything at all.

  rawprawn 16:21 19 Sep 2004

OK, right click on an empty part of the toolbar, click customise. Make sure that they are included in "Current Toolbar Buttons" if not put them in. Otherwise have you moved your toolbar in such a way it has covered them up.

  rawprawn 16:23 19 Sep 2004

By the way, don't Emperor Penguin's eat rawprawns ?

  Quiller. 16:35 19 Sep 2004

It may be under, explorer > tools > folder options > browse folders. One setting is for, open each folder in the same window. The other is, open each folder in a separate window.

  Emperor Penguin 16:47 19 Sep 2004

it was the folder options thing. thanks BSOD

  Quiller. 20:32 19 Sep 2004

Oh good.

Perhaps a diet excluding prawns would be beneficial. lol

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