Back up files are read only

  flobby 21:38 12 Dec 2005

Hi All.
I have had my computer formatted. and I did a back up of all"My Documents" onto a dvd.When trying to put all the files back onto the hard drive I have some files copying OK and others that will not.
I have tried to untick the READ ONLY box but get an errror occured applying attributes to the file:
H:\Word Docs\ xxx.doc
Access Denied
I have tried to copy to another folder but get the message
Cannot copy xxx;Cannot read from source file or disc.
I am using windows XP both before formatting and after. The only change Is that I have gone back to Office 2000 instead of Office 2003

  woodchip 22:01 12 Dec 2005

It always changes them when you backup to CD or DVD. to change them back all at one go in a folder, click folder so you see contents on the right click top or bottom file so it selects it, then press and hold shift key and right click file at opposite end top or bottom of list choose properties remove the tick for read only press OK this should change them all at once

  flobby 20:32 13 Dec 2005

Hi woodchip.
As I stated in the initial request I have tried to do what you suggested but I get access denied.
Cheers, Flobby

  mgmcc 20:47 13 Dec 2005

Having formatted and reinstalled Windows, you may now need to "Take Ownership" of the files before you will be able to access them, per this Microsoft article - click here

  john-232317 20:47 13 Dec 2005

Dont know, but maybe something to do with admin rights in XP ?

  gudgulf 20:50 13 Dec 2005

Have a read through this document click here

It seems there are a number of incompatabilities between Office 2000 and 2003 which might be the cause of your problems.

You might need to revert to Office 2003.

  flobby 21:04 15 Dec 2005

Hi again.
I have tried all the above, without success.It seems that some files will open and others will not. I have tried a back up copy from January, and every file opens up.
The message I am getting is "The document name or path is not valid,Try these suggestions *Check the file permissions for the document or drive. *Use the file open dialogue box to locate the document. BUT no success.
Cheers. Flobby

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