Back to Factory settings I believe

  birdface 12:49 13 May 2012

Could not get grand daughters Laptop acer desire 5334 to work or do a factory restore so downloaded W/7 Sp1 from the Internet and ran that on her computer.

But no luck it was the Hard drive that needed renewing.So new hard drive installed with W/7 Sp1 downloaded from the internet

Just put her old hard drive on to a caddy and there are 2 different drives showing on it.

E-Drive. system reserved 72Mb free of 101 Mb when opened it says Boot Folder

F-Drive. 196 Gb free of 284Gb

When I installed W/7SP1 on her old hard drive I would have thought that it would have removed the Factory settings,But maybe not.

Now is it possible that it has saved the Factory restore settings and if so would I be able to put it back in her Laptop.If so How.

  KRONOS the First 13:14 13 May 2012

I am not sure why you should think that installing Win 7 would remove the Factory Restore partition unless of course you formatted the partition at the same time. They are completely separate partitions.You could if you wanted set up yet another partition and then install another OS,as I have just done with a friends Vista laptop. He can now choose either Vista or Windows 7 at the boot screen.

You ask the question could you put te factory settings on your granddaughter's laptop? I am unsure as to why you would want to do that? Is there something tree that you feel your granddaughter is missing from her current installation as opposed to her previous one. I sure you can download any utility that she might have found useful from the Acer website.

Or am I missing something here?

  birdface 16:20 13 May 2012


She does not have a Factory restore on her new hard drive so thought that it would come in handy if she had any other problems.

Acer were wanting either £56 OR £65 for the 2 CD's for her computer.

You know me I can confuse anyone especially myself.I assume that Installing W/7 on her Notebook as the original was not working would have wiped the old H/drive clean.

So when I installed the new Hard drive I only had the W/7 Cd that I downloaded from the Internet to use so assume that there was no back to factory setting to use.

I cannot use the old H/drive as it Knackered.

Just wondered if there was a way to transfer what I think is the Factory Restore part back on to her Netbook.

Or am I best just leaving it alone.

  KRONOS the First 16:44 13 May 2012

I still do not know why but I can see no reason why you should not be able to copy across the complete recovery partition to the new hard drive.

But I have Googled your question and seemingly it can be done but I think it is something that you should have done rather than install Windows 7. Have a look here.Clone recovery.

Of course the simplest thing to do is to clone her drive now to an external drive, then if she has problems then at least you will be able to sort it quite quickly.

  birdface 17:04 13 May 2012

The clone recovery I will give a miss as I would get lost trying it.

But to clone the drive she has now seems to be a sensible thing to do so will close this and try the clone the next time I get the Notebook of her.Thanks for your help.

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