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Back-up to ext. Samsung M3 usb HD

  amonra 13:40 12 Aug 2019

I have just been given a "Samsung M3 portable 1Tb" hard disk to plug into a USB port. Your advice please on how best to use it as a backup for my computer. I do not have any very important files, mostly it's photos, videos and some doc. files. My major concern is how to restore the machine to square one after a catastrophic failure. I had one years ago after a lightening strike and dont want to go through that again. Up til now I have duplicated anything important onto memory sticks, but now's my chance to really back things up properly. thanks.....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:18 12 Aug 2019

For a complete restore then I suggest you use Macrium Reflect free home use

Make a rescue drive on USB or (CD if you have a DVD drive)

Make an image of your drives to your external drive.

You can make regular images images and keep several (I keep 3 of each drive) and delete the older ones. The images are mountable so you can copy and paste files from the images

Just remember if the program updates you need to remake the rescue media for it to beable to see the images made with the latest program.

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