back door assasin trojan

  snoresloudly 16:13 04 Aug 2003

well I suppose it had to happen one, have finally got a trojan deteced via e-mail. AVG picked it up straight away and offered to heal etc which I accepted, I then ran a full test and it was picked up again but this time AVG says cannot move to virus vault!!! it seems to have plonked itself in the c:\restore\temp dir (file ao152165) however I cannot access this file as "it is use" have tried differant ways including safe mode etc, cannot do a system restore either, any help glady accepted!!!!

  Jester2K II 16:16 04 Aug 2003

Its trapped in the System Restore Directory.

Turn off system restore, reboot and turn System restore back on.

The virus cant affect your PC from the System restore directory.

  Jester2K II 16:18 04 Aug 2003

Basically Windows has backup this trojan up by plonking it into System Restore.

AVG can detect it here but can't remove it because Windows is protecting it!

Turning System Restore off and then on will flush the System restore and remove the virus from there.

The virus can't affect your PC from the System restore folder.

  snoresloudly 16:18 04 Aug 2003

thanks mate, how do i turn off restore (win me)????

  Jester2K II 16:24 04 Aug 2003

- Right click on "My Computer"
- Choose "Properties"
- Go to the "Performance"-tab
- Click on the "File System..."-button
- Go to the "Trouble Shooting"-tab
- Check the box at "Disable System Restore"
- Click "OK" and "OK" again
- Restart your computer if prompted

  snoresloudly 16:30 04 Aug 2003

sorted, re-run AVG it seems to have gone. Also seemed to have gained a hell of alot more space on the hard drive!!!!! thanks for the rapid and concise reply, I owe you one.

  Jester2K II 16:32 04 Aug 2003

System Restore takes up loads of room. Under Win ME to limit the amount of space System Restore uses

MY COMPUTER - PROPERTIES - PERFORMANCE - FILE SYSTEM - HARD DISC - move the slider to a lesser amount of space to be used.
APPLY - OK etc

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