Back up disks

  highside 10:30 23 Feb 2011

Hello, advise please,
I wanted to back up some program installation disks which are on three 4.7 GB DVD.
Two of the disks each have aprox: 8GB of files on them & one has 4GB on it. (ie total 20GB over 3 disks)
They are .RAR files, is there anyway I can do this to make my blank 4.7GB copy/mirror them as they are.
Sorry if stupid question, dont know about RAR & compression.

Thanks for looking.

  northumbria61 11:53 23 Feb 2011

How to Burn RAR files to DVD - click here

  highside 12:00 23 Feb 2011

Thanks for that

  bremner 12:10 23 Feb 2011

Have a read of this. click here

Your program disks are probably DVD9's and you have DVD5's.

You will not be able to directly copy the data onto three 4.7GB disks

  highside 07:56 24 Feb 2011

Thanks both.

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