The Back up did not complete successfully

  Barnmeen 15:19 25 Apr 2010

Recently bought a 1000MG Freecom external hard drive. Set to back up daily. When switch on laptop backup startsautomatically after about 10 mins. After short time (20 mins) get folowing message.
"THe last backup did not complete successfully:
A shawdow copy could not be created for the following reason; the creation of a shadow copy has been timed out. Try again this operation.


Location is ok and there is plenty of space on this new drive. Have Vista.

Please help

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:11 25 Apr 2010

Its usually because there is not enough room on the drive being copied.
i.e. c: drive low on space to make temp files for the backup

  Barnmeen 18:26 25 Apr 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat/\0/\; the drive is 1000MB and not 'MG', my mistake. I have started to compress an AV file which is 36.6MB, in the hope that this will free up enough memory. The Ram is 2GB (not sure if this is relevant).The recovery has 14.6 GB free and I have 70.1GB free out of approx 213GB. This I think will leave approx 106GB free. Do you think this will solve the prob or should I delete something from the recovery drive and if so what?

All responses gratefully received

Many thanks

  northumbria61 21:02 25 Apr 2010

This may help

click here

  Barnmeen 15:26 05 May 2010

Sorry northumbria the link you sent does not apply to vista only other version. when I search this website with the 0x811000101 code no results come up.

Please help someone this is drivingme mad.


  MAT ALAN 15:51 05 May 2010

click here

this thread suggests it may be system restore point related, the link does not offer a solution but maybe some things tio try...

  Sea Urchin 19:00 05 May 2010

Did you take note of Fruit Bat /\0/\'s suggestion that it is usually because there is not enough room on the drive that you are copying FROM. You seem to be saying that you think there is enough room to spare on the external hard drive.

  Barnmeen 16:09 07 May 2010

Thanks Sea Urchin; I have 14.6 GB left on Recover Drive and 130GB used on Boot with 82.3GB left. the External has 832GB left. I don't know what to do. Should I free up some memory on the Boot? Am not very knowledgeable re computers.


  mfletch 16:45 07 May 2010

Save the back-up to the external drive

There is not enough room on the others

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