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  1skinny123 05:51 15 Apr 2010

Hi, about 3 - 4 weeks ago i had a few problems on my laptop. I fixed it by accident really, by taking my laptops memory back to early January. My problem is i have a pal in australia who is having similar problems and i can't remember how i did what i did???? I am sure it was from the F8 page but after that i can't remember
? Any ideas folks

  MAT ALAN 07:56 15 Apr 2010

look up "system restore" for your chosen operating system...

  birdface 09:38 15 Apr 2010

You can do it using F8 but normally it is All programs.Accessories.System Tools.System restore.
Then pick a restore date in bold print.
Sometimes your Anti-Virus stops it from running and that is when you use F8.

  1skinny123 09:45 15 Apr 2010

Yes thanks you two, found it and relayed it via text to Australia.

Not sure how to get the system restore through F8, i think i did it that way originally

  1skinny123 11:08 15 Apr 2010

My pal is saying that didn't work through accessories. We have tried going to last safe configuration to no avail. This page cannot be displayed keeps coming up. Whatever the problem is it is slowly shutting everything down, he can only use MSN now. He couldn't get on any web page but could use skype to talk to me, now that has shut down.

  Diemmess 15:25 15 Apr 2010

......... some malware often causes problems like yours.

If you are unsure of the AV status on the computer..
Download Malwarebytes preferably on to a pen drive.

Go into safe mode (if the pen drive is visible in this mode, otherwise boot normally for the first scan)
Run mbam.exe (the Malwarebytes exe file)
If some malware files are found, run scan again, and in safe mode if possible.

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