back up copy`d cd`s

  struggle8 07:59 25 Aug 2003

can some one tell my why the cd`s that I back up wuth nero wont be recognised in disc drive . i.e I have made copy`s for my own personal use as back uk if original is lost have lost 1 original so if I use copy`d disc the drive wont recognise it how do I get the drive to recognise the disc so I can continue to play the game.

  -pops- 08:07 25 Aug 2003

Perhaps you are experiencing Copy Protection at work.

Many CDs have copy protection to prevent exactly what you are trying to do. Maybe these ones are protected in that way.

  struggle8 08:09 25 Aug 2003

but if its genuinly for back up as I have already payed and only want to back up disc if lost or broken can I get around the copy protection

  -pops- 08:13 25 Aug 2003

Copy protection is there for a reason and this is not the right forum for advice on how to overcome it.

  Barrie_G 11:08 25 Aug 2003

click here and follow the instructions as they apply for most types of copying.

  struggle8 16:33 25 Aug 2003

thanks -pops- I understand your piont
ok Barrie_G that was a great help to me
thanks agian peeps

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