Back to basics, what do you think...

  [DELETED] 00:41 24 Aug 2003

I've spen the last couple of days totally revamping my site. I have done away with all my fancy heading gifs, animations, fancy borders and backgrounds etc.

The increased speed of dial up page loading is very noticeable, but have I gone too far? Just plain and simple. click here Cheers, Whiz...

  Forum Editor 01:10 24 Aug 2003

to see what a thoroughly professional job you've made of this Barry, and I know what hard work it was.

The result is worth it though - the site looks far better. I think that your site has a big future as a real resource on the history of London, and I hope that you'll continue to develop it. A few of the images aren't loading by the way - maybe the linking isn't right?

  [DELETED] 01:18 24 Aug 2003

Only uploaded it today havent checked it out thoroughly yet, will check the images.

I was originally against a plain white BG, but on trying it I got to like it. Is there any nit-picking from anyone? I would really like to hear them, honestly.

Cheers, Whiz...

  [DELETED] 02:18 24 Aug 2003

Here's a bit of nit picking starting from the top of the front page.

The area surrounding the yellow disc needs a bit of work on it to get rid of the white traces around the edges.

Drop the piccy and the 'hello I'm Barry' bit. It looks a little too home pagey.

Drop the top most drippy gif ad. A/ it looks a bit squashed in and B/ you've basically got the same ads together.

Middle bits, including the menu bar which could do with moving down slightly, are top class. A really good job there.

If you have to have a counter then put it at the bottom of the side bar along with a smaller version of the Google search bar and then drop the acknowledgements down a bit so that it looks separate from the main body of the page.

Now I've just gone to another page and you've got different buttons!!! Try and give them a uniform look throughout.

In this case I'd change the ones on the front page and change that yellow disc to the same colour as the buttons.

You also seem to have a problem with the Amazon ad on some pages, not all.
The top part of the banner is a bit skew wif.

Right you can kick some $*!& out of my main sites now.

Harrriers-Online click here
KHIST click here
Webamaze click here

  [DELETED] 09:04 24 Aug 2003

Well done.

Much, much better, with all due respect to your previous achievements and the obvious effort you had put in. It's far more professional, very slick and in my opinion needs only a few relatively minor tweaks.

You might try the pages without the hard return paragraph breaks at the bottom, to get rid of the unnecessary scrolling where there is nothing to scroll to. This is one of the slight irritations I have with NetObjects. Also, your homepage browser titlebar is listed with a comma in your web address, as in .co,uk - Homepage.

I know, I know, I'm nitpicking, but you did ask and I am a great believer in big things being made up of a series of little things, and if you get all of those little things right, well...

It's an excellent effort and you are certaily well on track as far as I am concerned to a first class site. It has lots of scope, covers a great deal of ground and as Forum Editor points out, has the potentail to become far more.

Don't worry about the different buttons on your navigation too much. Uniformity in navigation is all well and good, but this is obviously a submenu feature local to one section of the site while your main site navigation remains consistent.

And yes, the white background does do wonders.

Welcome to the white background fan club...


Once again, well done for your efforts. You deserve a well earned slap on the back.

Best regards


  Forum Editor 12:26 24 Aug 2003

one final nitpick.

You might want to increase the cell padding/spacing so that the page text is offset from the navigation border a little more. At the moment it's too close, and that always creates a silght tension in the reader.

This subject of text placing and spacing is a fascinating one, and deserves a good deal more attention than it gets. As anybody who lays out magazine and newspaper pages will tell you it's possible to improve a page's 'readability' no end by careful attention to the relationship between text and other components on a page. The same applies to web sites.

To see a fine example of how to lay out web pages take a look at the BBC news site
click here

Click on the item links and see how well the pages are presented - a pleasure to read, and completely lacking in tension. Anyone who designs a site that contains large amounts of text could do a lot worse than make the BBC site their model.

We're really fine-tuning here Barry, but frankly your site is worth it.

  [DELETED] 14:38 24 Aug 2003

a bit of fine tuning. Thanks to all of you for taking the time. Phil, I see your point about the buttons, but as Taran noticed, the sub menus differ from the main menus. I will have to make some different title bars, as you said, the anti aliasing mucks up the transparency round the circle.

I have started increasing the space between text and margin. Will be looking into the rest. After coming this far, I'm not stopping now! Comma in the title bar, how did I miss that one?

Cheers all, Whiz...

  [DELETED] 14:51 24 Aug 2003
as a non-expert, I think your site is very good. I think that the content is something that will have widespread appeal. The presentation looks interesting and uncluttered. Well done.

  [DELETED] 15:47 24 Aug 2003

I hope you're right Ivor Monkey. If you had seen some of my previous attempts you may not have been so complimentary.

Different backgrounds for each page, odd fonts, you name it, I tried it. But, with help and advice from this forum it's beginning to take shape now. Cheers Whiz...

PS, If any one is interested in my very first attempt, just over a year ago, I think it's still there at click here Have a laugh on me!

  [DELETED] 15:48 24 Aug 2003

just went there, ITS GONE!

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