Back for another appraisal

  User-645BA0C0-3AD6-49C9-99798FE12AD8252D 06:45 10 Mar 2004

Since I published my first website in september last year you good people have consistently helped me out and provided some excellent feedback without which it would have been hard to develop.

This morning I Uploaded the fourth version of my site and would be most grateful for your thoughts and recommendations yet again.

Whilst I have always tried to maintain a simple interface, this time I have cut things right back in order to make the pages load as fast as they can. I would be interested to know if it appears too bland to your eyes.

Look forward to your comments as always Horiz.

here's the link :- click here

  Diodorus Siculus 07:59 10 Mar 2004

Looks good to me; well done.

Looking at it in 1024 x 768, it is a little small but that may just be my perception of it.

  Taran 08:09 10 Mar 2004

I have to admit though, that I preferred the last incarnation of your site.

Sorry to be a killjoy - just my own preference creeping through.

I really liked the overall interface on your last version. It gave a very distinct, console-like appearance.

I've spent a happy hour or so clicking on your links section and checking out the sites you list. There's some incredible content on them, and on yours :o)

  tomleady 09:20 10 Mar 2004

looks wicked mate.

well done. dont think i saw the previous version, so i cant compare.

but this is very good, loads quick and the colours are spot on.


  PurplePenny 15:05 10 Mar 2004

It looks really good but ... <whisper>I preferred the last version too</whisper>.

Very easy to navigate and the links page is great.


  Forum Editor 17:41 10 Mar 2004

you manage to give your designs a lovely 'feel', and I would have recognised your style straight away. You've captured the 'less is more' philosophy very well, and I love the way that your imagery does the talking.

In common with the others I think your links page is a wonderful example of how to do it.
Perhaps you should leave well alone now, and come back to it again in a couple of months - see how you feel about it then.

Thankyou all for your very kind encouragement.

after putting it together last night I promptly fell asleep for most of the day so haven't been around to reply to your posts as they came in so my apologies for that.

when I started this new design, on sunday I had it in mind to make something temporary wihile I redesigned some more interesting graphics but within a few minutes I was quite happy with it and decided I would stick with it. I had grown weary of the old design and felt the lighter greys I had used were a little too washed out. I say all this because I take on board what Taran and PurplePenny have said about prefering the old much more three dimensional design. I like the loading speed of this one, something I get quite concerned about as I,m all too painfully aware of what it's like to have chronically slow internet connection, and some of the graphics and buttons in the last one were quite slow. So I'm a little torn and will start on a compromise design soon but after I take some time out to really think it through (as the FE so rightly suggests).

As some of you may have been able to discern this version represents a shift from NOF to Dreamweaver (in fact the whole studio kit and kaboodle (student licence happy days)) so I've plenty to learn for now.

Thanks again for all your kind encouragement and food for thought.


  Paranoid Android 00:10 21 Mar 2004

Thank you thank you thank you - for providing a site that is straightforward to use and doesn't keep me hanging around all day at 56K.

Nice one.


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