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  P4ULT 19:31 03 Jan 2010

hi what would be the best way to back up our pc and laptop. the pc is new the laptop is about 18 months old. neither of them have been done yet any help is appreciated.

many thanks paul

  birdface 21:17 03 Jan 2010

Hi found this on another Forum.

click here

Maybe someone can comment on it and tell you if you would be able to use it or not.

  Strawballs 23:12 03 Jan 2010

Get an external hard drive and use Acronis true image on both machines and back up to external drive, it has saved me hours of formatting and loss of data a couple of times

  Pine Man 09:46 04 Jan 2010

ATI is probably the best, most reliable back facility available - IMHO.

  Terry Brown 11:15 04 Jan 2010

If you have a full version of Nero, that has a good backup system, for either a full back up or files only.


  P4ULT 18:57 04 Jan 2010

i have norton does this have any back up facility and also virgin do something i think woud the acronis still be the best option.

  canarieslover 21:49 05 Jan 2010

Norton do a program called Ghost which will image a hard drive but it is not included in their antivirus suite.

  BRYNIT 22:08 05 Jan 2010

I find it is best when you get a new Computer, to remove all programs not required. Install the programs you will use and all available updates. Then create a backup of the whole HD to an external HD this will save time if you ever need to do a clean install of Windows.

I have over the past 4 months tried/used Paragon Backup and recovery click here and EASEUS Todo Backup click here both of these programs are free and worth a look.

The favourite is Acronis True Image

  P4ULT 08:06 06 Jan 2010

thanks brynit wise advice will give it a go.

  Zeppelyn 13:44 06 Jan 2010

If the new PC has Windows 7 then thats all you need, Ive tested it and restored a back up, worked perfectly. Other than that Acronis True Image as others have stated.

  P4ULT 15:19 06 Jan 2010

the new one is windows 7 the old one is vista.

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