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Back up?

  Daisy22 20:59 26 Nov 2009

I know how to back up photos/files etc onto a USB key or external hard drive, but, would really like to know how to back up the entire c drive as I keep losing work (having not backed up) due to many PC problems at the moment. Its also for the printer, scanner, camera etc. so if I have to "recover" again I don't have to reinstall everything as it takes a long time.

What is the best way to back up onto an external hard drive so I have the same as the main PC on this?

  beeuuem 21:52 26 Nov 2009

Acronis True Image is the choice of many on this forum.
It will allow you to back up an image of your C drive and restore it in a matter of minutes, how many minutes depends on the size of your drive.
See click here
although this is cheaper click here

  Terry Brown 13:25 27 Nov 2009

I use Nero 7, as I do a lot of music and Video work, and a good backup system.

This link may help you.
click here

  canarieslover 14:29 27 Nov 2009

Although I would go with Acronis True Image as a means of back-up I would first sort out your computer if it is giving you so many problems. There is no point in backing-up a faulty install because that is what will get put back on again if you have to use the back-up. It would be better to copy all your data files to an external hard drive, check for the latest drivers for all the components on your computer, including motherboard, and burn them to a CD so that you have them to hand, and then do a complete re-install of your system and programs. As Acronis compresses the image it makes you will find that it does not take up as much space as your C: drive so you can take several images, say, one as just fresh O/S with updates, one as O/S plus updates plus progams and another with your computer as it is when you are working. At least this way you can drop back in stages if you continue to have problems and make trouble-shooting much easier for yourself.

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