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  bjay 20:48 29 Jul 2003

My Evesham computer didn't come with Windows XP Back up. I understand that it isn't very god anyway?
Do any of you techie gurus out there have any recommendations for a really good back up programme?

  Lú-tzé 20:58 29 Jul 2003

Cobian Backup

or have a look at click here for a really comprehensive but straightforward guide.

  Lú-tzé 20:59 29 Jul 2003

PS If you have the WinXP CD you can install the XP backup process.

  xania 20:59 29 Jul 2003

What do you mean - didn't they at least give you a CD to enable you to restore the computer to the way it was when you got it? If not, go back and make them give you one. I do know that MS have stoped them giving out a WIndows XP setup disk, but that's no excuse for leaving you in the lurch. However, if you're talking about data backup, you can do any number of things as it is - the simplest thing is to drag 'n drop your data files onto a re-writable CD. Or you could get yourself a zip drive, which will comes with its own software. Or look on the internet for some free or shareware backup utilities, or even the downloads section of this site.

  powerless 21:06 29 Jul 2003

Windows XP does have a Backup prog but it's not installed as the standard install. You have to do it yourself. click here

Backup To a CD uisng NEro or Roxio click here click here

Or Image the drive click here Images the whole drive so if anything goes wrong you can also restore the image. So its as if nothing has changed.

Also click here at what i typed.

I have used both Drive Image 5 and Norton Ghost 2003. The latter is more up to date but still requires that the PC boot into DOS for the image to be created.

However, you may want to consider Drive Image 7 as you can create images without leaving Windows. There is a trial version available from click here. Having tried this, I found that the backup operation was quick and I will probalby change to DI7 in the not too distant future

  bjay 22:27 29 Jul 2003

To answer a few of the comments. Yes, I do have a recovery disk but neither this nor my installed WinXP has a backup application that I can install. It just ain't listed.
I appreciate that I can drag and drop on to CD but I'm really looking for a relatively cheap shareware programme that runas automatically and can be set and forgotten.
I don't think I want to go down the imaging road - it seems like sledgehammers cracking nuts.
I have looked all the links - really good especially the Backup, Backup, Backup started by Cesar last Sunday.
Still hoping for some shareware programs that someone has used and can recommend.
I have about 1.5Mb of data to back up and I have one of those pen drives (the doohickies that plug into USB) which is slow but OK for backups.
(It is, isn't it?)

  woodchip 22:37 29 Jul 2003

Get Drive Image and make a Image of your entire Drive, you can put it all back as when you made it fully working OS and programs in about 5 mins even if the drive goes down. If you have it on CD you can put it back on the new drive.

  ade.h 22:44 29 Jul 2003

If you have an old drive gathering dust, connect it as a slave. If you put a copy of Windows on it, you won't be f***ed if your master disk implodes on you.

  ade.h 22:47 29 Jul 2003

PS - if Windows goes south permanently and takes all your files and settings with it, you'll be glad you did this (I speak from experience...)

  Steven135 23:12 29 Jul 2003

Have you looked in the \VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP folder on your XP Recover CD you should be able to install it from there.

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