Babylon search engine problem

  Thereferee21 20:11 28 Jan 2013

How do I get rid of the above so that I can go back to using Google as my search engine.

  SillBill 20:21 28 Jan 2013
  rdave13 20:22 28 Jan 2013

Full info here. Only use HitmanPro if needed. You have a trial time and if you don't want to purchase you will have to unininstall. Malwarebytes is free if you don't accept the trial time for Pro on installing.

Another good one is SAS free, click here, especially good when ran in safe mode.

  rdave13 20:24 28 Jan 2013

SillBill , your link didn't break... :)

  SillBill 20:29 28 Jan 2013


I noticed that! Wonders will never cease!

  Thereferee21 19:05 29 Jan 2013

I have looked for Babylon through all my programmes and cannot find it.

  SillBill 19:37 29 Jan 2013

Which browser are you using?

  Thereferee21 18:59 30 Jan 2013

IE 9

  SillBill 19:03 30 Jan 2013

This is how to uninstall from Internet Explorer >

  Thereferee21 19:15 01 Feb 2013

I have tried this but cannot find Babylon listed anywhere on my laptop.

  michaelw 08:37 02 Feb 2013

This thing is a virus. I don't say that lightly but it replicates itself. I got it when I installed a DivX update. I purposely and carefully did not tick any of the boxes to install their crapware but it installed anyway.

I tried for 3 days to get rid of it, using all the various ways suggested, and more. In the end the only way to get rid of it from firefox was to save all my favorites as an html file, uninstall firefox and ticked the box to not save any settings. When I reinstalled ff it was gone.

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