Award bios beeps and pc problem

  bof:) 18:04 21 Jul 2003

Hi All,

Brother in laws Pc has been acting up for a while, some times on bootup he gets 1 long 3 second beep and then pc does not get past the win98se splash screen.(he has an award bios)

Other times pc boots up fine and then won't shut down...just hangs there and has to be turned off at the switch.

When he first had a problem he cleaned the case out because the rear fan seemed to be clogged up with dust. He also found that if he left the side panel off everything was fine.

This was up until about 3 days ago and he now has the long beep problem and the shutdown problem back.

I've asked him too see if the fan on his cpu is going around but he says that the only fan he can see is at the rear of the casing.

He has a Pentium 233 which he says at boot up is being shown as a Pentium 210 (I think).

Any idea or idea's on what the cause or causes of these problems may be will be greatly appreciated and acted upon.

I have found 1 website that suggests a long beep on an award bios indicates a fault in the strip of memory in the 1st bank. Could this cause the refusing to shut down problem as well??

Thoughts please,

many thanks,


  davidg_richmond 18:43 21 Jul 2003

Remove and reseat the memory. If the problem still occurs, use memtest to find out if the memory is faulty.

click here
click here

  bof:) 23:29 21 Jul 2003

Hi davidg_richmond,

PC has 64mb of memory 32x2. I removed 1 of the 2 32mb sticks and rebooted the PC it started up ok. So I thought it was the faulty stick I'd removed.

Left Pc on for about 20 minutes and rebooted. PC let out 1 long beep, did memory check (32768k ok)

Showed Pentium 233 as Pentium II MMX 210Mhz.

Detected hard drive/cd rom and cd writer

then froze. Mouse worked but ctrl+alt+del did nothing.

PC only turned off by switching off at power switch.

Any more Ideas please,



  bof:) 23:32 21 Jul 2003


  Megatyte 23:38 21 Jul 2003

Try it again with just the other memory module.


  woodchip 23:39 21 Jul 2003

Try a new graphics card driver

  davidg_richmond 23:43 21 Jul 2003

Did you try the other stick in on its own?

Strange about the processor, has he installed any new hardware recently? The motherboard is obviously having a problem somewhere. The PSU could be the problem, dropping voltage, and if its not that a blown capacitor on the motherboard (in my opinion).

  bof:) 00:18 22 Jul 2003

Hi All,

we did not try the other memstrip cos I managed to break 1 of the white fittings for the 3 slots available and cut my hands try to fit the stick in. It was very difficult to get anything into a slot. Even after removing all of the cables we could to get to the slots.

I'll suggest a new graphics card driver in the morning and try the other memory stick.

Thanks again for your help.


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