Awaited Security Update for IE & Availabe

  rawprawn 19:21 17 Dec 2008

I think that says it all.

  Technotiger 19:24 17 Dec 2008


  grey george 19:28 17 Dec 2008

Just done the one I am using a few more to do tomorrow. Funny thing for an IE update it did not change the version so the firewall didn't ask for permission as it usuallly does after an IE update.

  Starfox 19:28 17 Dec 2008

Any chance of a link?

  piggy 19:28 17 Dec 2008

Link ?

  grey george 19:35 17 Dec 2008

Just run windows update.

  bigggles 19:35 17 Dec 2008

I think it's this ...
click here
which has been irritating me for 24 hours - since the BBC and others splashed it all over the airways and print media. "Up to 10,000 sites affected" - about 0.2% of the web - but "security experts" are recommending using a different browser.

If I was of a cynical nature, I would say that this is spread around by those "security experts" anxious to highlight a virtually non-existent problem in order to gain publicity and consultancy fees.

Always open to a different point of view though?

  Technotiger 19:41 17 Dec 2008

Yes, that is what everyone is on about - a damn nuisance, my partners' PC has been infected - if that is the word - she is at work at the moment, but is hoping the fix comes soon.

  grey george 19:45 17 Dec 2008

I think this updates blocks the hole in the browser, but I do not think it will help a machine that has already been exploited.

  piggy 19:48 17 Dec 2008

grey george, not shown on win update, hence looking for a link, has it infact been released yet ? as lates update on MS site for IE7 I could find was october

  iscanut 19:51 17 Dec 2008

The update is KB960714, available on windows update.

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