avoid service pack download?

  rent-a-cop 23:51 12 Feb 2004

My win xp has been developing some irritating little niggles recently and it has come time for my to scrap my existing installation and do a nice re-patrition, format and re-install. I have no problem getting my hands a little dirty and doing this but my major problem is that I do not want to spend hours downloading all those post sp1 updates again whilst I have them all downloaded in the windows servicepackfiles directory. Is there anyway to use these files again instead of having to download them? thanks in advance

  Migwell 00:23 13 Feb 2004

I have known people who have bought a SP1 up-grade disk from a computer fair. I dont know if this is legel but I know you can get them

  The Spires 00:31 13 Feb 2004

There is a Sp1 - October 2003 Microsoft Rollup, a compressed file that is around 9 meg. click here

  rent-a-cop 00:44 13 Feb 2004

thanks for the responses guys but I was thinking more along the lines of a way to burn the service pack files that I already have downloaded onto a cd and using them to update the fresh installation?

  temp003 01:18 13 Feb 2004

Depends on what those "service pack files" that you referred to are. If they are the individual .exe files (e.g. kb123456.exe) for the Windows updates, then yes. Just double click them one by one, if given an option not to restart, don't restart. Apply them all, then restart.

If the files are just updated Windows files, then no, you'll have to redownload them. This time use Windows Update Catalogue to save the .exe files to disk.

  rent-a-cop 01:26 13 Feb 2004

you have confirmed what the lack of information using google suggests. So, I am currently downloading the full version of sp1a and the october rollup that the spires reccommended and hopefully this will make the download time after a fresh install bearable. Thanks all for your help.

  hugh-265156 01:47 13 Feb 2004

download and save your updates to disc for future use click here

  weedode 13:47 13 Feb 2004

A great link ,inputting to get this in 'My Postings'

  rawsongreen 14:26 13 Feb 2004

I run windows XP and I would like to restore it to it's 'delivered' state. There's something called Multivision Mirror Disk on the computer which says it will do this, but I've lost my technical support now and I'm not sure of any risks I would be taking. Has anyone got any comments to make that would help me.
Thanks in advance.

  rent-a-cop 20:59 13 Feb 2004

Yes, good link cheers. Rawsongreen, better to start your own thread for your problem to get the best attention as I have resolved this thread.

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