Avira vs Microsoft Security Essentials

  Joe G 22:35 10 Nov 2011

Hi all - I have Avira free on my laptop and Windows Vista is very slow to start up and I am getting irritated by the persistent advert to upgrade. I have installed MSE on my new netbook and it seems much less intrusive. Be interested in your views on the two programmes in terms of their performance at spotting viruses and their use of resources. Have been happy with Avira up to now but really considering uninstalling - does MSE have any additional functionality over Avira Free

Thanks for the help as always

  lotvic 23:20 10 Nov 2011

Handy chart comparing features ClickHere

  Joe G 22:42 11 Nov 2011

Thanks everyone for advice - seems like I am just as well staying with Avira on here - and Simple Simon - fair comment - I admit I should not be so ungrateful and feel a bit of a wozzack!

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