Avira updates

  thumbscrew 20:54 05 Feb 2010

Any Avira freeby users out there who can fill me in about the automatic updates? I recently installed it after dumping Avast because of the upgrade problems. The first couple of days it didn't update at all, then it began updating at exactly 10.00 pm, preceded by an ad that filled most of the screen. For the past two days, 10.00 came and went minus updates, although I successfully manually updated. Anyone know anything I don't?

  northumbria61 20:58 05 Feb 2010

It seems Avira may be having problems with their Server which may be causing the problems you describe.

click here

  birdface 21:03 05 Feb 2010

This may get rid of the pop ups.

click here

  Technotiger 21:05 05 Feb 2010

The latest thread on that forum is dated March *2008*, so I would guess that the problem has been sorted by now ... LoL

  thumbscrew 21:15 05 Feb 2010

Thanks all, buteman..... had a look....not sure I want to disturb the Safe Mode info....with my luck-could be catastrophic!!!

  northumbria61 23:15 05 Feb 2010

Soory about that - I knew I should have gone to SPECSAVERS !!

  northumbria61 23:24 05 Feb 2010

Download the latest. Go offline, uninstall, install the latest then let it update.

As with the free antivirus ALL of them will fail to update at one time or another. If you can't accept this then move on to something that you can get support for.

  Joe G 01:16 06 Feb 2010

I seem to be getting plenty of updates & disabled the pop up screen easily in Vista following the instructions on the link buteman supplied

I didn't know that free AV are planned to fail to update - can you expand on that?

  thumbscrew 21:17 06 Feb 2010

Joe G, what northumbria means is that it's inevitable that they'll fail, not that they're programmed to do that. However, I used Avast for a long time and I can never remember it failing. Prior to that I had a paid for Bullguard AV and that failed on many occasions. By the way, my Avira still hasn't updated!!

  rdave13 21:26 06 Feb 2010

Go back to Avast 5. Make sure you know how to uninstall Avira first. Otherwise you'll have problems.
Version 5 OK now.

  thumbscrew 22:01 06 Feb 2010

Greetings rdave and thanks. Avast gave me a major all-night (And next day) heartache. Before I dump it, what Avira problems should I expect and are you absolutely certain Avast 5 is free of all its crap? It turned off my IE, ditto my e-mails and more. I'm extremely reluctant to go through that again pal.

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