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Avira Antivir

  mgmcc 14:47 20 Aug 2010

Is this a genuine "lightweight" AntiVirus program, or a rogue spyware application?

A Google search has many hits suggesting "Antivir" is rogue software. I'm looking for a very lightweight AntiVirus to use in an Acer Revo "Net-top" with Intel Atom processor from which I've removed Linux and installed XP SP3.

  pk46 14:57 20 Aug 2010

I've used Avira no problem but it's a German company there is no UK support or at least there
wasn't when i used it about a year ago.

  mgmcc 15:27 20 Aug 2010


Thanks for confirming it is genuine software.


I do use MSE in a PC running Windows 7 64-bit, but another PC running XP seemed to have problems with it, hence the reason I'm looking for something *very* lightweight with the Intel Atom processor.

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