thetic 15:30 28 Oct 2008

Hi i have been trying to remove Avira because it not updating for some reason and go back to Avg8.But i cant get it of my machine? i tried add remove and reboot but when i go to put avg8 it tell me i cant install because there is still another av present.How can i completely remove it thanks in advance.

  Belatucadrus 15:45 28 Oct 2008

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For the last thread on this issue, couple of useful suggestions and a link to the Avira uninstaller.

  thetic 16:46 28 Oct 2008

Thanks for that belatucadrus thats av8 installed no bother now. But it did say there is another av running? But it didnt block av8 from installing? as it did before?

  FatboySlim71 22:48 28 Oct 2008

I believe the failure to update with Avira is due to a big program update, this happened a few months ago if my memory serves me right, I'm sure it is only a problem with the free version as the premium version uses different servers? I think if Avira don't get the update problem sorted they will end up losing a lot of users. Something needs to be done about it.

You can manually update Avira's definitions by clicking on the below link and then clicking on the "Download IVDF (Unicode)"

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  thetic 23:05 28 Oct 2008

Cheers i was using avg8 for about an hour tonight but it was CRACKING me up slowed my PC down it was like i was using dial up again. I'm on 4mb broadband. I had to go back to avira and its still not updating but I'm getting 8mb speed again. Cheers for that mate i will persevere with it and try and get it to update.

  thetic 23:22 28 Oct 2008

Thanks a lot fatboyslim71 its sorted my machine updated no problem. Back up to 8mb(not 4mb)Ive bookmarked the info just in case it happens again.

  FatboySlim71 08:09 29 Oct 2008

I still cannot update in the usual manner, so what I am doing in the mean time is following my link twice a day, at least doing this the definitions are getting updated twice a day. If I remember correctly the update problem usually comes right after a few days or so.

I think the link may have changed to the manual update link because when I used my link it was only a very small download, whereas when I used the link below I had a larger download. Anyway trying them both will do no harm.
click here

  hiwatt 12:51 29 Oct 2008

I've also been having problems updating avira in the last couple of days.After a few attempts it finally updated this morning.I'll see how it goes over the next few days.Avast is a great alternative though and I found it to be light on resources.

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