Russ100 21:58 30 Sep 2005

I have an avi file which I would like to convert to VCD so that it will play on a standard DVD. What I normally do is convert to VCD using Nero, burn to a CD, then rip the MPEG file from the CD back onto the hard drive so that I can then burn it onto a DVD disc. Works fine until you have an AVI which, when converted to VCD, is greater than 700mb. (I hope I've explained that clearly). Is there some way of creating a virtual CDR on the hard drive which will hold more than 700mb?

  jimv7 22:38 30 Sep 2005

Within nero when you select the recorder, choose the image recorder, that will save it to the hard drive.

  GroupFC 22:39 30 Sep 2005

I had a look at this to see if I could help but I am not sure I understand the problem!

if you have DVD writer can't you just use nero to create a DVD? Or have i missed something here?

  jimv7 23:34 30 Sep 2005

Or as GroupFC has said, use nero vision express to convert straight to dvd.

  Russ100 09:31 01 Oct 2005

Burning straight to DVD makes the file unecessarily large. Burning to VCD does incease the file size, but not by much. I'll give it a try using image recorder, but I get a pop-up warning that the results may be unusable. We'll see!

  Russ100 09:55 01 Oct 2005

If I use image recorder, is there a pre-defined folder where the converted file is stored?

  jimv7 10:21 01 Oct 2005

No, you create the folder and browse with nero to it.

  Russ100 10:38 01 Oct 2005

I jumped the gun there and posted while the recode was in progress. Browse option popped up just after your message came in jimv7. I see I now have a Nero Disc Image file. Will this play on a standard DVD player, or is there a further step I need to take to make it compatible? This is new territory to me.

  Russ100 10:59 01 Oct 2005

I'll try and make it a bit clearer as to what I'm trying to do. Have downloaded an episode of a T.V. prog. Came in at 349mb. Plays on Windows Media Player but won't play on my DVD player (TV). Recode to VCD increases file to 476mb (I can live with that). Burn to CD, then extract contents of MPEGAV file back to HDD. I can now play this on both WMP and my DVD, and still get several episodes on one DVD, all in the same format.It's OK with file sizes like this, but when the converted file exceeds 700mb I'm stuck, cos I can't burn to CD. Is that any better?

  rubella 15:25 01 Oct 2005

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