Avi to MPEG?

  matthew-293741 13:04 11 Dec 2003

Is it possible to do such a thing...if so what software do i need? I am currently running Nero 5.5 and it doesn't seem to allow me to burn AVI's...or is that just me being stupid as well?


i think?

  Bapou 13:21 11 Dec 2003
  MichelleC 16:30 11 Dec 2003

I assume you're burning a vcd (mpeg1) which nero can convert quite easily, from avi to mpeg1. Are you getting any errors or is it just hanging?

BTW Bapou, is dvdhelp link working or is it just me who gets 'the page cannot be displayed' (I've had it for a few weeks now?

  ©®@$? 16:38 11 Dec 2003

when i try and burn avi files with nero i get unsupported file version and it will not copy

  GroupFC 16:42 11 Dec 2003

I had a look at Bapou's link a little while ago and it was working fine - looks like it might just be you!

  johnnyrocker 16:50 11 Dec 2003

likewise here.


  ©®@$? 17:05 11 Dec 2003

well ive sorted my problem with avi

i converted it to mpeg

lucco51 click here download and convert

then you can do (S)vcd with nero

  Bapou 22:27 11 Dec 2003


I spent some time on the website today, no problems.

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