avi - mp4 losing mic/speaker sound

  EzPzjoystiq 16:06 14 Jul 2013

issues when i convert the Avi file to Mp4, when i initially record the game footage with my commentating throughout the video with MSI Afterburner everything is fine, i can hear the game sound and the mic sound, as soon as i convert the footage to MP4 i lose one of the sounds, sometimes its the game sound and sometimes its the Mic sound.

This is driving me crazy, i have tried a few different converters and all have the same issue, including Handbrake and Free MP4 Video converter, am doing something wrong? any help would be great, if you need any more information please let me know, as the game i am currently doing a Let's Play on really benefits from hearing the game sound/narration.

Ty for any replies in advance.

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