avi files & nero 7 video/ audio not in sync

  kenwyn 05:07 18 Aug 2009

I have tried copying AVI files from PC using Nero Vision in Nero 7 Ultra Edition, to watch on TV using the DVD player & use DVD RW+ discs (in anticipation of having to make several attempts) the process works successfully unti I get to the point of playback on the DVD player. At some point, but not always at the same point, there is always a 'glitch' - a portion of the DVD will pixellate momentarily & when it settles back down lo & behold the voice & image is either fractionally, or sometimes a second or two out of sync. I have not yet managed to get past 45 minutes of recording without this happening. I have tried numerous disc brands, DVD RW+ and DVD RW-, and it happens even on new 'pristine' discs, so my conclusion is it must be the software, which I have tried reloading on several occasions. So can anyone a) confirm if its the software b) suggest a solution, or c) suggest alternative software - cheers!

  Les28 07:57 18 Aug 2009

I use Nero 6,usual things to check out I've found are stopping background programs running, so means coming offline and turning off antivirus and firewall and anything that might be allowed to update itself by periodic online checks, a bit drastic but you could go into msconfig startup tab and untick all ticked items, but usually just stopping all the uneeded things running is enough, all them icons by the clock, find out what they are and stop them.

I usually defrag the hard drive before burning as the captured video is usually fragmented, then reboot the pc.
Nero makes a temporary file of what it's going to burn, which it deletes usually after burning, so you need free hard drive space for that alone, usually need to allow twice the space of the thing you are burning and ideally a contiguous block of free space, so defrag and have plenty of free space, a decent cpu and fair amount of ram.

You could always do the burn in two stages, as the all in one transcoding and burning is causing problems. In Nero rather than burn to dvd select the burn as image to hard drive, play the image file later and if that's OK burn that as an image file in Nero to a dvd and burn at slowest speed, dvd rw won't be that fast anyway.

  eedcam 08:39 18 Aug 2009

Unles you are doing editing would,nt even consider Nero try dvd flick its free Just add you avi files and it will do the lot .it uses imgburn for burning which it installs at the same time and probably abetter burner than nero
Also follow les 28's advice on possible defrag etc
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  Les28 08:53 18 Aug 2009

I meant to add when I said come offline, I meant physically disconnect from the internet, turn off or disconnect from your router before turning AV and firewall off and don't forget to turn them on again before reconnecting to the internet and secondly if you do try the two stage approach with Nero the image file it makes will be in DVD format so you will have to open the Video TS folder and double click to play the VOB files inside it, it will be the higher numbered vob files, the ones nearer the 45 minutes you will be wanting to check for video audio synch etc.

I couldn't remember DVD Flick to suggest, thanks eedcam, Les.

  kenwyn 09:07 18 Aug 2009

Thanks for the replies -just trying DVD Flick now -its taken 3hrs 40 so far to encode & burn a 1hr file (currently 80% burnt) - I'll let you know the outcome once I play it back... watch this space

  kenwyn 09:17 18 Aug 2009

Nope!... out of sync with DVD flick right from the start! - I'll try all Les28's tips later on. To be continued...

  Les28 21:05 18 Aug 2009

Reading my post I didn't explain very well the two stage way of doing things which perhaps your pc may be better able to handle, in Nero Vision Express select Make Movie option add your video file or files then click Next, on the next screen select Make DVD with edited movie, DVD video, make your menus etc and on the burn page select Write to hard disc folder ( have an empty folder ready ) and burn to it. That's the transcoding side done. You can later check the VOB files in this folder for synch.

If OK open Nero Smart Start and select from the Copy and Back up options Copy Entire DVD video, Nero Recode should open now or just directly open Nero Recode and select Copy an entire dvd to dvd, either way click on Import DVD and find the video TS folder you created above and click on the Video TS folder once to select it and OK to import it into Nero Recode, click on next and select destination as your dvd writer and then burn.

  eedcam 21:54 18 Aug 2009

if flick didnt do it then its your system I would say

  woodchip 22:06 18 Aug 2009

Its the Video Capture Device that causes this. It used to show mostly about a third to half way into the Film on mine

  Shuffty 22:40 18 Aug 2009

SVCD2DVD will convert avi files to dvd a one hour avi will take around the same time to convert
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  kenwyn 23:10 21 Aug 2009

None of the above suggestions have resulted in a successful copy; I even tried running Nero on my daughters virtually empty, but newer PC, so nothing to potentially slow performance & no programs running in the background - still only managed to show about the first 10 minutes before 'hiccup' and the picture and voice are out of sync again. Incidentally, the original source material which is in avi format plays fine on my PC, its a TV programme sourced from the internet, and, as a finished avi file, I'm not quite sure how either Nero or DVD flick are able to somehow seperate the audio from the video and put them out of sync with each other?

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