AVI file playing fast.

  swapper 20:47 14 Oct 2003

My neighbour, with his "New" Canon camera, filmed his child singing, we copied it to my PC .
(Winxp home), with a view to putting it on CD for him.
When we played it using Windows Media Player, the picture runs fast but is excellent, and the singing is very fast.
There is an option for speed, Fast, Normal and slow, but we cannot get voice to slow down enough? any ideas please?
On his camera everything is excellent.

  swapper 19:00 15 Oct 2003

thanks mark500, I'll have a look and come back to you later :-)

  swapper 18:14 18 Oct 2003

Mark500, I tried this but it did not work, thanks for the imput though :-)

  powerless 18:19 18 Oct 2003

Try another player.

click here

click here

  swapper 19:43 20 Oct 2003

Thanks powerless...I have tried both of these with the same result.

  swapper 19:43 20 Oct 2003

Thanks powerless...I have tried both of these with the same result.

  swapper 19:50 20 Oct 2003

Sorry about that. I clicked when I should have clacked (?)....I was going to report that I am using Window Media Player 9.0
When I play this .avi file it runs fast, but on occassions white I am clicking through the menue bar the file, and sound runs perfectly, but when I close it and start again I have the same problem, fast running.
This happens on any of the suggested alternatives you have given. The file itself is not important, its just very nice.
I think I'll call it a day and leave this as unresolved (unless you have any other ideas?)?the

  hugh-265156 20:02 20 Oct 2003

this is a very good tutorial for avi to vcd conversion.

i know that is not what you are wanting to do but some of the programs mentioned in it may help you.have a look aroung the faq`s on the website too.

  hugh-265156 20:03 20 Oct 2003

forgot the link doh!

click here

  hugh-265156 20:05 20 Oct 2003

oh and this will tell you if you have the correct codecs installed to play it properly,just load your avi into it.click here

  swapper 21:57 22 Oct 2003

Thanks huggyg71, a couple of very interesting prgs.
This is getting a bit technical for me :-)
I will persevere for a while with this, over the next couple of weeks (I am away), and promise to report back!
I know how annoying it is when help is offered and there is no response.
To quote that quite famous guy " I shall return!"> :-)

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