AVI Editor, please

  Graham. 12:54 17 May 2007

All I want is to remove the last few seconds of an avi movie I shot on a small digital camera. I have searched on here without luck. The ones I've tried so far from Google either are unfathomable, freeze my comp or do not include sound.

Here is the video: click here

  Technotiger 13:05 17 May 2007

Have you tried Windows Movie Maker, assuming you have XP.

  Technotiger 13:07 17 May 2007

Also have you checked whether your digicam has the ability to crop within its own settings/options.

  baldtaco 14:56 17 May 2007

Use this - click here

1] File – Open vid file click here

2] There are two flag icons. Click the left one. Drag the slider along to where you want it to end and click the right flag. click here

3] Click on Video then on compression. I suggest XviD 'cos it better than DivX, but DivX is peachy - click here

4] Click on Audio then on Full Stream Mode. It is that which will allow you access to the audio compression settings when you click it again.- click here

5] Press F7 and pick a place to save it.

  Graham. 15:19 17 May 2007

I was looking for Movie Maker earlier, it must be hiding.

It's not a digicam, it's a tiny digital still camera that can also shoot short movies. I was just trying it out.

  Technotiger 15:22 17 May 2007

Hmmm, Movie Maker should be in Start>All Programs>Windows Movie Maker

if it does not show there, do a Search, and if it still does not show up, put your XP CD in the drive and install Windows Movie Maker.

  Graham. 15:24 17 May 2007

Thanks, I'm on the laptop at the moment, I will give Virtualdub a go when back on the desktop.

  Graham. 15:25 17 May 2007

Likewise, i shall have another look.

  Graham. 15:32 17 May 2007

Movie Maker was in Accessories!

  Graham. 20:07 17 May 2007

VirtualDub - couldn't get the sound right, probably me not used to it. Will keep it for the future, though.

Movie Maker - once the penny dropped you had to split it, then delete the unwanted section, was OK. Only thing, it would only save as wmv, but that's OK for now.

Thanks both.

Edited version: click here

I've deleted the original from YouTube, so the link in my first post will no longer work.

  baldtaco 20:28 17 May 2007

Graham, hola

Glad you fixed it. As you are going to keep VirtualDub anyway, it's worth mentioning that it's the legion of filters that can be found for it that makes it fun.

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