AVI To DVD Whats The Quickest Free File Converter

  HowardMoon 08:38 15 Sep 2006


AVI TO DVD. Whats The Quickest free file Converter i can use?

Thanks to all that reply.

  xania 08:49 15 Sep 2006

Free and speed don't go together. However

click here
click here
click here
click here
click here

or simply type AVI TO DVD free converters into your favourite serach engine.

  DEGSY 09:07 15 Sep 2006

I have found DVDSANTA to be one of the quickest.

  rodriguez 11:50 15 Sep 2006

If you have Nero installed, you can use NeroVision to create DVDs from most types of video file format.

  suburban train 12:40 15 Sep 2006

Does NeroVision come with the latest version of nero?

Which nero are you using?

  suburban train 14:44 21 Sep 2006

I have been using Nero vision but it I have to leave it overnight to convert from 650Mb DIVX to DVD.

How long does it normally take everyone else?

  AL D. 16:35 21 Sep 2006

i myself found this free software excelent and free...click here

  User-312386 16:42 21 Sep 2006

I have tried so many convertors in my time and in my humble opinion, you get what you pay for. In the case of the free convertors, you normally get the sound out of sync with the video etc etc.

I use NERO and think its the best convertor by a long shot

  rodriguez 19:16 21 Sep 2006

Knowledge boy, it all depends on the speed of your computer and format of the original file. Mine is a 2.4 GHz Celeron and it takes about 2 and a half hours to burn a full DivX movie if I leave it going in the background while I carry on using the machine. If your machine is a bit slower it will take longer, expecially when burning DivX and you'll find that other conversion software takes about the same amount of time.

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