AVI to DVD program....

  madzad 17:23 10 Jul 2011

I have until now being using X to dvd program to convert and burn my home movies, all was fine until I installed service pack 1 for windoes 7. Now the program crashes and says there is a major problem, go see the log, which is full of data of which I have no idea....

Can anyone please pass me into the right direction pls


madzad uk

  mgmcc 21:42 10 Jul 2011

Have a look at the free "Any Video Converter"


  eedcam 22:16 10 Jul 2011

No certain if flick works with W7 but if so its just the job link" target="_blank">http://www.dvdflick.net/download.php">link text

  madzad 12:55 11 Jul 2011

Thanks guys.... AM running the Any video converter at the mo. Fingers crossed all goes well so I can burn my own wedding video!!

Once agasin many thanks. If it doesnt work, in the imortal words of Arnie... "I'll be back!" lol...

Cheers mad UK

  robin_x 14:11 11 Jul 2011

On a similar note (sorry don't think a new thread is necessary)

Best batch converter for .ts to .mpg?

My Hauppage Tuner Card auto converts but it's not very good. Missing ends or half the recording 50/50.

Just wanna save some ext disc space.

If too complicated I will make a new thread

  bluesbrother 14:24 11 Jul 2011

You could try Freemake Video Converter, you can get it from PCA Downloads link text It has quite an extensive list of supported formats including .ts and .mpg, and its pretty fast.

  ened 17:56 11 Jul 2011

Can you confirm Any Video Converter worked properly.

I have downloaded it and it says you can only get Three Minutes unless you are prepared to upgrade to 'Pro'?

  eedcam 19:41 11 Jul 2011

You probably aint got the free version link text

  madzad 12:37 12 Jul 2011

Any converter worked after a lot of messing around as in using it to convert to dvd and using the burn program after, but there are no chapters or menu and it takes an age to run......

Thanks everyone who posted

IM off to buy a new PC or lappy... my advice, steer clear of service pack one of windoes 7....lol..


Mad UK

  David4637 16:32 12 Jul 2011

DVD Flick works on W7, because I have recently used it convert *.wmv to DVD. David

  eedcam 18:11 12 Jul 2011

Well done David might have saved him some bother if he'd tried it himself

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