Avi to DVD

  Fr0z3n 01:08 15 Jun 2004

Any advice on transferring avi files toi a DVD som i can view them in my home DVD player on my TV.

I can tried numerous apps and get no luck at all.

If i burn the DVD and try in my standalone DVD player i hear the disk spinning but i stay at the load screen and nothing happens. Also xp pro doesn't recognise the DVD disk either. Any help/Advice here.

  SANTOS7 01:13 15 Jun 2004

click here this will help, good luck

  fazer 15:49 15 Jun 2004

What I do is use the free Windows Movie Maker 2 to edit the footage or at least get all the clips into one saved file on the hard disk.

Because AVI are either type I or II (WMM2 uses typeI),I then have to convert them to type II using a free programme called Canopus (or something similar!) - sorry, I can't remember the link.

Once converted, your (now)type II Avi can then be imported into your DVD writing/editing software and burned as usual.

Please bear in mind though that the age old adage of crap-in, crap-out still applies. Your TV screen will not be as forgiving as your computer monitor when watching downlaoded video or similar.

  stlucia 16:25 15 Jun 2004

Have you just dragged and dropped your .avi files onto a DVD? You normally need to 'create a DVD' using any of the main burning softwares.

  SirGalahad2004 11:23 16 Jun 2004

Try this link .click here will give you all the info you need

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