AVI Codecs

  Dirk Diggler 13:16 05 Jan 2006

My friend has sent me an AVI file of his holidays (non-copyright) but neither WMP / DIVx player will play it.

In WMP I get a message saying "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. One or more codecs required to play the file could not be found"

As a relative newbie to video files, can someone explain what "codecs" are and if / where I can get round this message and get the file to play?

  Dirk Diggler 13:28 05 Jan 2006

... but still not joy.

  Dirk Diggler 13:35 05 Jan 2006

After installing the above I now get a message from DIVx player saying "The Video File you are opening contains video data that is not recognised by DIVx player. The file contains the following type of data. Video data "FOURCC" code: XVID.

Any help?

  Dirk Diggler 13:49 05 Jan 2006

I download the XVID Codec v 1.1.0, but still get the same message in DIVx player.

Would a reboot help i wonder ?

  Dirk Diggler 14:06 05 Jan 2006

.. that I have 3 codecs already installed that should be able to play the file. Also, when i select the "Render" option it says "Rendering failed" I'm beginning to think that there may be a problem with the file itself?

  Dirk Diggler 14:16 05 Jan 2006

.... it also says the file has a "Corrupt AVI Header" and that it is a serious problem and that the file is unlikely to be playable" !!

I cannot see this one going any further, I will try and get said "friend" to re-do me the file and see where I go from there!

Many thanks for all your help tho!

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