AVG,SuperAntiSpyware+SpyBot:Too much for laptop?

  buel 20:22 05 Dec 2009

Hello, i have a 4 year old Medion Laptop running a Intel Celeron [email protected] and as long as i can remember i have run AVG, SuperAntiSpyware and SpyBot and im just wondering if these 3 are entirely necessary as im sure they are a bit of a drain for such a poor processor? (when i say 'necessary' i mean SpyBot really as i believe that the other 2 HAVE to be run to be safe?)

  Sea Urchin 20:26 05 Dec 2009

Assuming you are using the free versions then AVG is the only one to be running in real time. The others are used to run scans on demand - and so are not a drain on your resources.

  Miké 20:43 05 Dec 2009

You could remove AVG and try Microsoft Security essentials click here less of a strain on resources than AVG.

  User-1229748 20:46 05 Dec 2009

have you got the spybot tea timer enabled?

  buel 20:55 05 Dec 2009

Hello there! Thank you Sea Urchin for the advice regarding only the AVG running in real time(yes i have the free versions)Hello Smackheadz, well when i press Cntrl, Alt and Delete to see what processes are running there is something called 'Tea Timer exe' which is running and using 122,328k of memory useage, is that what you mean?

  User-1229748 21:07 05 Dec 2009

that's the one,disable it in spybot.

  User-1229748 21:09 05 Dec 2009
  buel 21:59 05 Dec 2009

Thank you for that Smackheadz, unfortunately for some reason when i get to the 'This is the Black & White listed items that you have chosen to remember, that is to say that these lists are only populated by entries which you have chosen Tea timer to remember permanently, so that they are automatically dealt with.' bit i have zero entries and also cannot get to 'Open Spybot S & D, open the Tools menu on the right pane', when i right click SpyBot the options of 'Tools' dont appear?

  Sea Urchin 22:12 05 Dec 2009

You don't need to go near the black and white list - that's only if you are trying to remove malware.

To close Tea Timer and to disable it from starting with Windows when you restart, open Spybot S & D, go to Mode and Advanced - click the Tools menu on the LEFT pane and click on Resident and uncheck Resident "Tea timer"(Protection of over-all system settings) active and Resident SD Helper. Exit the program.

Remember to go back to Mode and then reset to Default Mode.

  gel 07:22 06 Dec 2009

I am fascinated by Mike's suggestion of using Microsofts full security package which presumably includes virus and spy protection but not a full firewall like Zone Alarm
Is there a down side
I have always been a little nervous of Microsofts protection
Any comment please

  birdface 09:48 06 Dec 2009

Like you I have never liked Microsoft protection programs but cannot comment on this one as I have never tried it.
You still need all the extra Anti-Malware programs that you would normally have for back up.
I would imagine it would use windows firewall but you can change that to anything you want.
Not sure if it covers e-mail scanning or Messenger scanning.
I will stick with AVG.A Squared and Malwarebytes I am happy with those.

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