AVG.Newbie Question.

  birdface 11:20 19 Oct 2006

Hi,Have been using AVG for about a month now,Not came up with as mutch as a cookie,So Either my computer is Clean, Or i don't have it set up right,I am running it the way it was downloaded, Is there anything else i should be doing,or just leave the set up the way it is,I Downloaded the new version this morning, up-dated it,And ran a selected scan, Took about 1hour 10minutes,Nothing found,I am quite happy that nothing was found, But at the back of my mind,I think,Something not right,Anybody out there put my mind at rest.

  sean-278262 11:24 19 Oct 2006

I have had it for about the same amount of time and have had 2 alerts however both were when visiting sites of dubious quality. If you used the standard settings it should be working fine.

click here

Read all of that before you use it but you can test it using items on that site.

  birdface 11:28 19 Oct 2006

I should have added That I also have A squared,Spyware Doctor,Xoftspy,Ewido,And Windows Defender on my computer,Run each of them once a week,So I don't know if maybe they are doing AVG's work for them.A Squared say's That i have 53 cookie's on my computer,Anybody tell me if thats a high ammount or just normal.

  sean-278262 11:31 19 Oct 2006

Cookies depends on the use of the computer the more sites you save passwords and usernames for the more cookies you have. However I do think you are going OTT on antispyware. 2 is enough really. 5 is overkill. I have spybot (plan to install adaware soon too) and spyware blaster and have no problems when using them.

  birdface 11:36 19 Oct 2006

Thank,s for the info,Slightly new to this so a bit reluctant to download things that i am not sure of,But will have another read at your program later,

  birdface 11:44 19 Oct 2006

I know that i am a bit over the top,but each of them pick out different little things,How can you not just get one program that covers everything,Windows One care was good like that,And you are right ,Instead of once a week ,I will run the others once a month,As for getting rid of some of them, If I had to ,it would be the last 2 I downloaded,A Squared,And Ewido,But will keep them all, And just not use them so often.

  birdface 11:47 19 Oct 2006

Reguarding cookie's,There must be a lot of site's out there that I dont use any more or forgoten about, Any idea how to track them down and erase them,Would be a few cookie's less to worry about.

  Meshuga 13:08 19 Oct 2006

Download Crapcleaner, run that and it will find anything not needed. CCleaner.com

  birdface 14:07 19 Oct 2006

Thanks Meshunga.Yes have that, I was thinking along the lines. That if i have 53 cookie's according to A squared.Is there any way of finding out what programs are using those cookies.So that I could erase some of them,The ones that i no longer need.

  sean-278262 14:17 19 Oct 2006

Go to your temp internet files and you can open each one or mass open them all and then find out what ones you do and dont use. Alternatively delete all of them and start from scratch all you do then is put the user name and password back in.

  birdface 15:15 19 Oct 2006

Thanks Creature of the night,I would delete them all if I could remember All the passwords and usernames that I have used,Managed to delete about 8 of them. A few of them i was not sure about, So left them,If I deleted them all .would they come back and ask for a new username and password,Or would i not be able to enter whatever program it was again.

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